At your place: please leave the donation in an unsealed envelope on the bathroom counter at the start of our date. I will excuse myself to quickly freshen up.

At my place: please leave the donation in an unsealed envelop outside the bathroom in plain view and excuse yourself to freshen up. I will not take the donation directly from you.

Meeting in public: please place the donation in a gift bag.


I understand things come up. If you need to cancel for any reason, please contact me as soon as possible. If you cancel on me last minute without sufficient notice, I will require a non-refundable deposit to reschedule. Please be sure that you are choosing the right time that fits your schedule.

Less than 24hrs: I reserve the right to keep all deposits and require an additional 50% deposit to reschedule.

No Shows: I keep all deposits, a 100% deposit will be required to book again.


I love to travel the world, and accompanying a gentleman such as yourself makes it all the better. Whether it is for business trip, leisure, or you would like to fly me to you for an exclusive date — I am passport ready!

Minimum time required may vary depending on the distance. There is a 50% deposit required, as well as transportation and accommodations paid upfront. All deposits are non-refundable. You are more than welcome (and encouraged) to reschedule your trip if a conflict were to arise. If you give me at least a 10-day notice or more on your cancellation, your deposit will remain valid for one month period of time from the original date of your trip. However, any lost travel costs will be required.

Quoted rate will include my transportation (business or first class roundtrip flight or train) and lodging (4 or 5-star hotel) costs. I book all transportation and lodging myself. You may book our lodging if it is an overnight/multi-day engagement.